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27 October 2020

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PODCAST: How to Deal with Negative Reviews Positively

by Benoît Mercier
So you've come across a negative review of your company. It's never fun to read negative reviews when you put your heart and soul into your business on a daily basis. But negative reviews are part of being in business, and are certainly part of the online world in general, where people ...

30 September 2020

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PODCAST: 7 Ways Social Media Can Boost Your SEO Rankings

by Benoît Mercier
Social media's influence on search engine rankings has been a long term debate. While it's been confirmed by Google that social media isn't a direct contributor to your SEO rankings, there is evidence that suggests the social signals created by this presence are influential. Socia...

1 September 2020

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PODCAST: How to Build Your Social Media Presence

by Benoît Mercier
In today's digital age, it's uncommon for any business or brand to not have some sort of social media in place. But there is a stark difference between your social media simply existing and your social media actually having a presence. Unfortunately, to be successful on social media...

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