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Grow Your Business with Bloomtools Mississauga
All Your Website and Online Marketing Tools in One Place

The Bloomtools Toolbox is equipped with everything your business needs to capture leads online and convert them into loyal customers.


Forget templates. Every website built with Bloomtools Mississauga starts from scratch, incoporating your vision into a web design that compliments and strengthens your company's brand and image.

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Database Marketing

Once you've built your database, let bloomtools make the most of your work. Foster yout list of contacts and create new ones with offline and online marketing strategies with our database mareketing tool.

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Customer Relationship Manager

Convert cold leads into sure-fire, returning customers! It's never been easier to manage and automate slaes processes thanks to Bloomtools Mississauga's intuitive Customer Relationship Management platform.

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You keep hearing that content is king. That's because content is the driving force behind your search engine optimization! Your website is only as good as the content on it so let us help you optimize your website content flow to get you found!

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Google Adwords

No matter what you call it - Search Engine Marketing, PPC, pay-per-click - reaching your customers and those interested in your product or service is critical to success. Bloomtools Mississauga can help set up your business for success with a little boost from Google Adwords.

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Social Media

Social media has evolved from its roots of connecting people, to becoming potent marketing and advertising tools for companies. It has become a critical element for success in a company's digital marketing strategy. Are you leveraging your Social Media?

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Bloomtools Creates Modern
and Captivating Designs

Say no to templates! Every Bloomtools website design is custom designed by our team of professionals so it looks great and is tailored to your business.

Plus, every design is guaranteed to be mobile optimized.


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Here's What You Get With Bloomtools

Experience the change our all-in-one toolbox makes to your business and
marketing strategies. Here's a few of the benefits of using Bloomtools:

  • One Secure Login For Everything

    Edit your website, send emails and market your website all from one platform! Your website is also hosted in two data centres to ensure your information
  • Results Guaranteed

    We stand behind our tools and strategies 100%. In fact, we believe in them so much, we even guarantee results!
  • Local & Small Business Support

    You can count on personalized support from your local Bloomtools expert, who is backed up by the coding, marketing and design team at head office.
  • Your Last Website Ever

    All Bloomtools' clients run on the same code base, so when we make updates, everyone enjoys the benefits automatically.

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Bloomtools Case Studies

Tons of customers report back about how Bloomtools has changed their business
for the better. Read a few successful case studies below!

Organic and mobile traffic greatly increased which generated 20 online leads in the first 6 weeks after launch.

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After only 2 months with Bloomtools, online traffic increased over 1500%, and online leads increased 67%

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Having Bloomtools manage social media accounts 40% of the website traffic came from social media.

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