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Webinar: 4 Easy SEO Tips to be found online - Thu Apr. 16 @ 3 PM EST

Posted by Benoît Mercier on 8 April 2020
Webinar: 4 Easy SEO Tips to be found online - Thu Apr. 16 @ 3 PM EST

During the COVID lockdown, are you looking to improve your website so you're ready to bounce back once the restrictions are lifted?

Then consider improving your website's Google ranking with our upcoming webinar - 4 Easy SEO Tips to be found online, on Thursday April 16th @ 3 PM EST.

In this 30-minute webinar, we'll share 4 easy SEO tips that you can do on your own to help improve your business' visibility.

Details and registration can be found at Webinar: 4 Easy SEO Tips to be found online

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Radio Bloomtools - in French

Posted by Benoît Mercier on 24 September 2019
Radio Bloomtools - in French

I'll be hosting a weekly segment on digital marketing and getting better results online for small and medium businesses on Toronto's French Community Radio, CHOQ FM 105.1.

And yes it's all in French, so my apologies to the non-French speakers out there. If i can swing something on an English radio station, I'll let you know.

The segments will be aired Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during the noon hour show - Midi CHOQ - and will also be available on the website as podcasts for ease of listening.

The segments will be under the banner "Occupez-Vous de Vos Affaires" which is a play on words meaning "mind your own business", which is a double-entendre; appropriate, no?

The goal is to share helpful hints and tips on how to get found online, to atract new clients/customers and to generate leads in order to grow a business. We'll cover topics such as website design, SEO, online advertising, social media, email marketing, blogs, newsletters and a host of other topics as well.

The first segment to air covers one of the 5 principles of effective website design - persuasion - and can be heard here. A new episode will be released weekly, so stay tuned!

I'd love to get your feedback so please leave comments and spread the word!


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Listen to my podcast Effective Design Principles For A Successful Website

Posted by Benoît Mercier on 19 July 2019
Listen to my podcast Effective Design Principles For A Successful Website

Listen to my podcast: Effective Design Principles For A Successful Website at for tips on how to get better results with your online presence. Leave a comment below if you liked it!

A big thank you to Michael Palmer for hosting and for allwoing me to share useful website design information with his listeners.

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Seneca College Day @ Bloomtools

Posted by Benoît Mercier on 22 March 2019
Seneca College Day @ Bloomtools

It was Seneca College Day at #Bloomtools this past Wednesday, as students of Dr. Malak Attia were in our offices to learn about the business side of #digitalmarketing.

Not only did they learn about Bloomtools, its products and services, but they were also exposed to Bloomtools' secret sauce - the 5 Ps of internet marketing - and participated in a collaborative #websitedesign effort.

These students were very engaged and asked lots of pointed questions, and that attests to both the quality of the students and the quality of their programme.

On hand from Bloomtools were:

  • Boaz Willinger, President
  • Justin Lewis, Project Manager and all-around good guy
  • Benoit Mercier: Web Consultant

We had a special guest star - Esther Willinger, President of Eden Advertising & Interactive - to cover online advertising.


Special thanks to Sherif Youssef of The One Business Consultants for coordinating the efforts between Seneca and Bloomtools.



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SEO or PPC? How to choose your growth path

Posted by Benoît Mercier on 27 September 2017
SEO or PPC? How to choose your growth path

Should you focus on SEO or PPC to grow your business online? Should you do both?

As a reminder, SEO - or Search Engine Optimization - affects your website's organic ranking in search engine results. It concerns itself primarily - though not exculsively - on having relevant content on your website with the appropriate keywords. Other factors are also in play; you can check out our previous blog 4 Easy SEO tips to be more visible online

PPC - aka Pay-Per-Click, Paid Search, Online Advertising, SEM - is an effective way of promoting your business and generating leads through advertising.

To get a more detailed explanation of SEO vs. PPC, their respective advantages and drawbacks, please see the Bloomtools blog SEO vs. PPC : Choosing Your Online Marketing Path

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