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One Secure Website Management Login

Manage your website from one login with Bloomtools Mississauga. Edit your website, send emails and market your website all from one platform! Gone are the days of needed a spreadsheet to keep track of all your passwords. With Bloomtools Mississauga, you need to remember one login and one password in order to access your website.

We have multi-factor authentication, which is one of the reasons our security has never been breached, and we have never lost a client's data.

Bloomtools Mississauga's hosting is also secure. We provide a reliable and secure hosting infrastructure. Your website is hosted in three data centres to ensure your information is secure, and there is redundancy. With multiple web servers, in multiple data centres, we cannot only handle a single server failing but an entire data centre. This is what will separate you from your competition a secure and reliable website that doesn't go down when you need it most.

Don't wait to get your website on a secure and simple to use website management tool. Contact a web consultant from Bloomtools Mississauga today!

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