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From Lead to Customer: Bloomtools Mississauga's CRM

All businesses can substantially increase their revenue simply by managing leads and sales better through a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

CRM software can be expensive and difficult for some small and medium businesses to understand, so they are unable to leverage the power a CRM has on their sales process.

We are passionate about providing complete business solutions to our clients. The Bloomtools Mississauaga CRM integrates with our other tools to take your online presence to the next level!

Customer Management

Bloomtools Mississauga's CRM is a simple online system that enables our clients to create a database of leads that come into their business.  You can rate how hot or cold the prospect is to set priorities for contacting them, and track what stage of the sale process each lead is at for a snapshot of their potential sales.

The CRM can act as a document archive, where clients can upload and store quotes, invoices and other documentation for the lead reference - increasing efficiency, accountability and accuracy.

Also, to save time and to help close the sale, Bloomtools Mississauga's clients can set activities for each lead, such as scheduled phone calls, meeting reminders and auto-responder emails.

CRM Reporting

Bloomtools Mississauga's CRM also features detailed reporting on leads, sales and team members, so your clients can track their performance and identify areas for improvement to increase conversions.

All the Web Solution Tools Work Together

Bloomtools Mississauga's CRM integrates easily with the other tools that Bloomtools provides as it uses the same contact database as the Database Marketing Tool and the Third Generation Website. This provides additional functionality such as allowing clients in the CRM to login to the website and integrate with the Shopping Cart, Events Manager, File Manager and many other tools all in the one location.

Contact Bloomtools Mississauga today to find out more how the CRM can help your business grow.


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